ATC: Should We Be Icing for Recovery, How Lydiard Can Help You, Inspiring Training Partners, Become More Durable, HR on Bike Vs. Run, When MAF is Too Slow, and More

December 20, 2013

Lucho and Tawnee answer your questions on :


-Quad cramping on runs after a bike

-Can’t get HR up on bike, and HR differences in bike vs. run

-concepts of Lydiard’s training and comparing that with MAF

-losing extreme fitness in offseason and how to mitigate those losses

-a few training partners who’ve inspired lucho and tawnee and why

-lucho and tawnee’s toughest training day and week … why and how did it work out?

-analyzing results of a Joe Friel Run Test

-leaving for 6 months – how much fitness do you serve to lose

-the issue with icing for recovery, and a great video by Kelly Starett

-history of injury and how to prevent injury this offseason so it doesn’t happen in future seasons

-exercise for someone with a history of compartment syndrome

-getting back to training after overtraining

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