ATC: Strengthen Ankles and Shoulders, Cure Hip Drop While Running, Hormone Talk, How To Gradually Build Bike/Run Mileage, Going From Tri to Ultras and More

November 22, 2013

Lucho and Tawnee give answers to your questions on:

-Building strong ankles that currently get sore from running;

-What does “endocrine system being fried” mean plus info on adrenal fatigue and other hormonal issues;

-How to safely build run and bike mileage for long-course triathlon and still recover well;

-Training when you’re sick: to do low-intensity sessions or high-intensity/short-duration sessions;

-Strengthen shoulders and heal impingement issues in the offseason and whether to still swim;

-Hip drop in running and how to assess your strengths/weaknesses and get better;

-HR results from bike test compared with run threshold;

-Calf cramping;

-Striving to be an elite runner and steps to take;

-Lucho’s decision to move from triathlon to ultra-running and what factors went into that;

-Run training without a HR monitor and much more….

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