ATC: Swim Stroke Analysis, In a Rut – What to Do, Reasons for High HRV After Racing, Budget for A Bike Fit, Final Prep for Placid and More

June 27, 2014

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On this episode Lucho and Tawnee talk discuss and give answers on:

-Strength training and what the coach’s are doing lately in the gym
-Swim analysis for EP fan, Peter Liu. Click here to watch the video Peter sent that Lucho and Tawnee discuss.
-Also: extra swim video resources to watch perfect badass form: Grant Hackett in the 1500M, Hackett technique video, and and Ian Thorpe slow motion.
-Why would one see a very high HRV in the two days after a race and/or hard training, then see it drop finally on the third day
-Fractured thumb, healing, and how to get back swim fitness in final month before an Ironman
-Hitting a rut in racing in which times are getting slower, not faster, despite more experience and consistent training. What gives? Could it be overtraining, health issue, or possibly even not enough training?
-Bike fit fees, and analyzing options for a good bike fit that’s worth the money
-Intensity on the bike vs. run for triathlete who’s now trying to focus on 3 marathons in a row (learn more:
-Should you alternate between weeks of high volume on bike and low volume run, then switch it up with more running less biking, and so on? Or is it better to maintain consistency in each sport?
-and More!

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