ATC: The Canova Method for The Marathon, Evolving as a Runner, and More

February 20, 2015
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locomotionOn today’s show we have a great conversation on Renato Canova’s marathon training method drawing on Lucho’s experience using this method for himself.

Find out:

What sets Canova’s training apart from other marathon plans? Is Canova right for you?

Canova Specifics:

  • Base “requirements” before tackling this kind of plan
  • Starting the season with speed
  • Will anaerobic work erode aerobic development
  • Run fast to race fast
  • How to determine your goal marathon pace, upon which so much of this style is based
  • Canova’s specific period and the crazy workouts
  • Lots of running near/at goal marathon pace.
  • Fast long runs of 17-24mi
  • Speed vs. distance, which is more important?


  • Lucho’s experience with Canova
  • The bigger picture of choosing a marathon plan and customizing it

More Canova resources:

Then, answers to YOUR questions on:

  • How to find your bread and butter race distance for running — from the 100m to 10k to marathon — based on past performances
  • Periodizing training for a fall Ironman and Sprint Triathlon Championships that will be 2 weeks apart
  • Ultrarunner getting back to training for a hilly 50k in late June and needing guidance
  • and more!

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