ATC: Tips for Stronger Cycling, Pros and Cons of Pre-Race Massage, Longest Swim for Half-Ironmans, Bike Commuting for Training, Crush it in Triathlon and Marathons, and More!

March 21, 2014
Lucho and Tawnee team up for “Ask The Coaches” to answer your questions on:
-Planning a season around half-Ironman and marathon racing, and why “getting ahead” in run training is a great idea
-What does it mean (and say about your level of fitness or lackthereof) when your Z2 HR from a typical Joe Friel/LTHR test is so far off from your calculated MAF HR.
-Deep tissue massage before a race? Pros and Cons.
-Strong runner, strong in strength training, but weak cyclist – what to do
-Training tips for the last 6 weeks before your first half marathon
-In a metabolic efficiency test, what’s established when you see that aerobic threshold or crossover between the predominant utilization of fat vs carbohydrate?
-what happens to metabolic efficiency if you start at a sprint pace to establish positioning before settling into an aerobic/fat-burning pace? Will your efficiency return or will it be an issue getting back to aerobic efficiency?
-Sprinting late in a race
-Finding metabolic efficiency test practitioners
-Running with baby joggers
-The longest swim sets you should do in half-Ironman training and should you do 2000m+ swim time trials to prepare for a half-Ironman or is it unnecessary/hurtful to form?
-Options for a 50k training plan – how to format for the best race possible?
-Ganglion cyst on the foot – how to still train for a half-Ironman especially in running
-Pros and cons to bike commuting to and from work for triathlon training
-Having trouble with MAF – hurts to run slow and HR spiking
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