ATC: Training Tips for Short-Course Tri’s and Du’s, Diet’s Role on Heart Rate, DIY Bike Fit, How Long Does An Aerobic Base Stay With You, How Much You Need to Avoid De-Training, Motivation to Succeed Even if You Fail, Craft Beer Talk and More

January 31, 2014
Lucho and Tawnee team up for Ask the Coaches, including talk of Alan Webb moving to triathlon and one of our biggest tangents to date (at 1:16 in the show):
-What do you want to see on a video podcast featuring Lucho and Tawnee? Tell us here.
-Top tips for short-course triathlon and duathlon with our favorite workouts
-Heart rate response to low-carb diet, metabolic efficiency and MAF training
-RER on run vs. bike
-Tips for fitting your bike on your own, without paying for a professional bike fit
-Back-to-back racing and what lucho and tawnee have done
-That tangent: Lucho on motivation, fishing vs. running/training, the role of failure, etc
-Periodizing for a 4 month long race series of weekly short course XC mountain biking
-Is 2x per sport (swim/bike/run) too little and risking de-training or plateauing? how much do you need to do in each sport to gain fitness?
-If your aerobic base is strong, how long does that stay with you
-Cramps during a 50k treadmill run, advice and insight as to why

-Craft beer choices for after long runs

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