ATC: Workouts to Build Power, Strength Training for Healthy Knees, Yay or Nay to HR in the Pool, VO2 Sessions for Masters Athletes, New Years Resolutions, and More

January 3, 2014
Happy New Year! Our first episode of the year with answers to your questions and more:
-Lucho and Tawnee’s highlights of 2013 highlights and 2014 New Year’s resolutions
-Whether to use heart rate training in swimming – yay or nay, and how best to gauge intensity
-Recommendations for power-building sessions for half-Ironman racing (bike with power meter, run, etc)
-Three week trip during peak Ironman training — suggestions about how to keep training while traveling internationally
-Strengthening muscles surrounding the knee and that promote stability
-Will Lucho ever get a fat tire bike? With all that amazing snow in CO?
-Should you use a race to check fitness/test, i.e. half ironman to prep for a full IM or 50 mile run to prep for a 100k
-VO2 work for masters athletes in the base phase — are the necessary, when and how?
-What key training run in the final days of training for a marathon is the best indicator of possible performance on race day? How would you determine your final race pace?
-VASA for swim training
-Using strength training to trash legs for an ultra “double day” of training or just to back to back runs

-Getting back to running after suffering inflamed medial plica
…and more!
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  • Kelcey says:

    Tawnee, I love your New Year’s goal to clean up not only your diet but your cleaning and cosmetic products. I have been in the process of doing that myself for that past year or so. I am still searching for organic skin care products; have tried several but continue to search (this is a challenge for me since I’m older and really need products that combat aging). Keep up the great podcasts!

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