Athlete Spotlight: Ahmad Fahmy on Being a Non-Athlete to Sub-12 Ironman’er, Why It’s Not About Fancy Equipment, Seeking Redemption at Ultraman UK and More

January 30, 2014

EP’s on a quest to highlight the stories of everyday endurance athletes. In this athlete spotlight we’re joined by Ahmad Fahmy, a 35-year-old father and husband residing in London. Ahmad got into endurance sports in 2008 back when he had no idea how to even swim, and has since completed multiple Ironmans, ultra races and much more.

On this show Ahmad shares how he got into endurance sport, his inspirations, plus:

-how he learned how to swim with zero background and what system worked for him to shave 35 minutes off his IM swim

-going sub-12 at Ironman Austria

-a DNF at Ultraman UK and how he’s planning redemption this year

-the benefits of hiring a coach

-his thoughts on buying fancy equipment

-how he’s still just an “everyday” guy who likes ice cream

-and more.

Click here to download audio.


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