ATU: 50k Training on Limited Time, Plantar Fasciitis Relief, Recovery After ‘Anaerobic’ Intervals, Going From Triathlon To Ultra, Do Older Athletes Need More Intensity or MAF, and More

May 30, 2014

Your hosts Lucho and Tawnee in this episode of Ask the Ultrarunner talking on:

-How to know if you’re ready for 50k training on limited time? Or should you wait until later in life? And how to approach an 11-month time for training on average only 4 days per week — MAF, intensity, both?
-Do older athletes need more intensity or MAF-based approach?
-Energy systems and being anaerobic vs. aerobic? How long does it take to get back into your mostly aerobic energy system if you have been running anaerobic. How much rest do you need after anaerobic/VO2max intervals?
-Analyzing performance and dropoff in pace in one’s first 100 miler. Slowed down so should he have started slower? Was it inability to handle the pain? Nutrition?
-Switching from triathlon to longer trail running for a lifelong athlete and best way to tackle training — MAF or higher intensity/low volume? Should you give up the bike/swim or use as crosstraining?
-Lab data to show LT vs. aerobic zones – a quick analysis
Dealing with plantar fasciitis? How to prevent this, what exactly causes this? Help needed for an ultrarunner in training…
-Newer athlete training for longer mountain bike races and needing to develop aerobic base — help on training program?
-Muscle fiber type issues in running. Can you be “all fast twitch” or no?
-Training for another marathon looking to break 3 hours. What do you think of the Hudson vs. Pfitzinger for someone with a 3:02 marathon PR, and a 1:20 half?
-Foot pain in morning and remedies to relieve it.
-and much more.

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  • Thanks for your answer to my long question about my mtb training for my next 95 km race. I will ride a lot more and stay around 160-170 bpm. And report back after my next race 🙂

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