ATU: Art of Peaking/Tapering and Strength Training for Endurance

June 14, 2012

On this episode of ATU, Lucho joins to answer questions on chronically high heart rate and would MAF help, a heighten Z2 HR coming off injury, tips for peaking and tapering, race with HR monitor or by RPE, what caused a bonk (nutrition or training), references for ultra training plans, detailed insight on strength training for the endurance athlete, dizziness/nutrition issues during a race, a plan back to back triathlon racing, and more!

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  • ellietown says:

    'high heart rate friend' here, thanks for tackling the question on my behalf, as for the missing details….
    I finished the half in 1:57, and in my 16wk training I was not doing any heart rate based runs, just time-based. Prior to this i was an irregular runner of 10km or less. My average heart rate was actually 180 but it was around there from 9km on, when it started to get super hot/humid/sunny.
    For perceived effort, I can sing along with my ipod with a HR of 155. I have been doing around 6min/km to stay between 150-155, and 6:25/km to stay in the 140s in the last few weeks since that race.
    I will find out in 5 weeks at my next half if it is making a difference… Thanks again for the answer!

  • Lucho says:

    That doesn't sound as severe. To be able to sing at HR 155 while less than a minute off 1/2 marathon pace isn't bad. What that tells me is that you may be lacking in endurance specific to the 1/2, so try to extend your easy long run volume. Also, using your past result you want to race this next 1/2 starting NO FASTER than ~5:20 kilometer pace. Start a little more conservatively than you think so you'll run stronger in the latter half. And yes, your next 1/2 will be telling in regards to whether or not the lower HR training is effective. Stick with it and I am sure it will be! You may also benefit from doing strides 2-3 times per week. Start with 4 X 15" at a fast but relaxed and controlled effort, use good form and avoid straining. Then add 1-2 strides each week and also extend the duration by 5" each week. This may be all the 'speed' work you need. Possibly do one of these session on a moderate grade hill too.

  • […] – June 14th, 2012 – Podcast discussion, but few concrete numbers, so not particularly useful unless you already know what you’re doing. Mentions hills intervals and tempo runs are more suitable for a 50k, rather than doing 300 m intervals as for a 5k. Lucho states that “there’s no formula that works”, say “there’s no science to it, it’s all art” so “what worked before isn’t going to necessarily work again” and “there’s a tremendous amount of feel involved.” He did a 5 week taper for Ironman Hawaii. Was doing about 1 workout per 3 days, going hard. Would work out hard, and then recover until he felt ready to go again. “Number 1 rule is you go into your race rested.” […]

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