ATU: Avoid Overtraining 4 Weeks Before a Race, Specificity For MTB Stage Races, MAF and Speed for 50k Racing, Dominate Downhills, and More

March 28, 2014

Lucho and Tawnee team up for Ask the Ultrarunner with the latest and answers to your questions:

In this show:
-Chrissie Wellington to do Leadville 100 MTB
-Hobie Call – from sub-2:00 marathon goal to obstacle racer
-How to know if you went into your marathon too “cooked” and fatigued resulting in going much slower than your goal
-MAF and speedwork for 50k training and using shorter races to “get in shape”
-Training advice for a 3-Day MTB race — use MAF or Zone training, and the importance of specificity

-Using HRV
-Training for inclines and decents, and how muscles can adapt to downhill running in as little as one session
-Late season marathon and 50k — how to train?
– key sessions to help an ultrarunner do well in a competitive half-marathon
-how fast must a runner run a flat 5k/10k to consider a shot at a 2:18 marathon

-and more!

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