ATU: Beer Talk, Weighted Running, Foot Care, Injury Prevention and More

January 24, 2013

Lucho joins the show to answer your questions on our favorite kinds of beer (hint: IPA!), why would one want more of a minimalist-type of training leading up to a race, dragging a tire or wearing a weighted vest for run training and how to best incorporate that for ultras, should you foam roll right after a run when you’re super sore, strengthening tips for the hips/pelvis to prevent injury*, difference in training when it comes to multi-stage multi-day ultra races, tips on foot care for ultras during and outside of racing, to tape or not tape ankles for tough downhill running, opinion of the minimalist shoe movement for running distances of 26.2 and greater and more.

Click here to download audio.


*Link to Tawnee’s article in 3/GO Magazine on hip strength with exercises.

Comments (3)

  • Michael says:

    I asked a question for the podcast, but it wasn’t mentioned. Will you answer it in a future podcast?

    • Lucho says:

      We don’t have time to answer all the questions, sorry. And you did ask your question long after we had already recorded the podcast. We record the podcast at 9:00am on Wednesday. And yes, we’ll try to answer your question next week.

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