ATU: Choose the Best Weights For Better Performance, Cardiac Drift in Tempos, The Nutrition Debate, Compex, And More

April 25, 2013

How to manage/heal plantar fasciitis and can you run through it, how to choose the best weights for gains in strength and power (plus ideal rep counts, etc), when experiencing cardiac drift on a tempo run is it better to keep the same pace and let HR drift up OR slow down to allow HR to stay stable, recommendations for training at altitude and preventing illness, thoughts on the low-carb fueling approach to endurance events vs. high carb, the best way to approach timed races,, more on calorie needs per hour and effective tapering, Compex for strength/power gains and recovery, high heart rates on hills, was it lack of training or compression that caused major pain at the end of a 50k, LT test results for thebike/run and problems with the numbers, finding MAF zones, and more.

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  • Aidan says:

    Really enjoying your podcasts down here in Australia. Thanks for all the great content.

    My one suggestion would be to stop using the word ‘tendonitis’. It’s tendinopathy. Tendons don’t get inflamed. ‘Tendonitis’ really went out of vogue about 8-10 years ago.

    Happy training!

  • Mark Sanders says:

    hey guy,s thanks for answering my question, love your insight and listen to the show every week. to answer some of your questions on my question. i’m not defiantly not elite ha. but i can hold a heart rate of 176-180 for a 15-20k run, of which i run at about 3:50min/km pace (im australian hence min/km). i have run a maraton averaging 170 bpm
    i am much fitter on the run than the bike. the test’s took place on separate days, a tuesday bike, a swim and run training session wednesday and the run test thursday. my interpretation is probably wrong but results as i read them say 162-181 and vo2max 181-188, (bike 150-168 vo 168-182) there was talk that i was “suppose” to crash out on the run but some how kept going longer than expected
    these were not “lab” tests less scientific just testing mainly for training heart rate zones, this was a treadmill test with increasing speed, and bike increase in resistance and increase watts needed to be held. in both these tests i was going to a point of failure.
    hope this clears a bit up. sorry about the information overload. would love to hear your thoughts and anything else i should check or test.

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