ATU: Criteria for Choosing Your First Ultra, Hardrock Removing Leadville as a Qualifier, Key Long Runs 6 Weeks Out, Increasing Efficiency For Older Athletes, and More

November 29, 2013

A look back at our annual Thanksgiving Day workouts, half-marathon and 70.3 training after hamstring surgery, choosing your first 100-miler and criteria (and what Lucho did for his first), how to get into coaching, Hardrock removing Leadville/WS100 as qualifiers and Lucho’s take, long runs in final 6 weeks before and ultra, protect your knees/body for ultras, HR issues – is it the monitor acting up or something being done wrong with warmup, etc., top race day tips for your first 50-miler, increasing efficiency for older athletes, do you ever feel too fat for a race and what do you do, using the bike to complement the build up to a 50k run, using trekking poles, laying out a training plan for easing into ultra training for next year and beyond, and more.

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