ATU: Fighting Fatigue – Are You Overtraining or Should You Keep Going, Seeking Redemption When Your ‘A’ Race Fails, Props to Diana Nyad and More

September 5, 2013

On this episode we give some props to ultra-swimmer Diana Nyad and also discuss CGI’s decision to end elite funding to runners (fast forward to the end for this), and we answer your questions: if your A race flops do you take advantage of fitness and sign up for another race or take the offseason, calculating HR caps for Leadville runners, after a long/full season what is the best plan for the next 4 weeks before a 100-mile race, training between to hilly back-to-back races, offseason strength training, why do different training plans elicit such different results from ultra-runners, are mental and physical signs of overtraining correlated and more thoughts on overtraining vs. normal fatigue from training,  the longest run needed in prep for a 100k or 100-miler, new to HR and aerobic runs don’t correlate with MAF HR, advice for final 4 weeks before a ultra MTB race, offseason tips that will help for a faster marathon next year, and more.

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