ATU: For Care 101, Beach Running, Returning From Injury, Motivation in Offseason, How Low Can MAF Volume Be, Transitioning to MAF Training and More

October 4, 2013

We answer your questions on how best to return to running after injury when marathon is the goal, when/if is it appropriate to switch to MAF training while still in race season, why you’d be getting major fatigue/soreness in upper thigh after runs, training for an ultra on the beach/sand and how much training on the sand should you do (plus other points about sand training), foot care and blister care/prevention, jumping from marathon to 50k to 50-milers, the least amount of MAF volume you can do to still have a positive training effect,¬†how often should a 50k run be done, MAP prescription for long back to back races, ultra after an Achilles injury, doing MAF and still focusing on good running form when trying to control HR, motivation in the offseason and what to do, what’s best for offseason: MAF or power-based training, and much more!

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