ATU: Get More Efficient on Hills, Short MAF Runs and Are They Worth It, Structuring Leadman Training, A Closer Look at RER Values, and More

November 1, 2013

Improving your marathon when you’re good on speed and lacking endurance, having a hard time keeping HR down on hills during trail runs and what to do to get more efficient aerobically when climbing, specific workouts in the last 5 weeks leading up to a hilly ultra, short MAF runs of under an hour and are the worthwhile, any possible dangers with running or hiking in shin to knee deep snow with regard to mechanics or possible imbalances, problems with HRV readings, how MAF corresponds with RER or RQ values obtained in VO2 tests, advice on going sub-5 in 70.3 triathlons, for Leadman: how should training be split between biking and running (time and/or mileage),  hike as steep as possible or weight vest and less steep, after a big year of long races is it too soon to do 100-miler next May, at what mileage of the longest run for a 100-mile ultra does the law of diminishing return “kick in,” and more.

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  • Peter says:

    Thanks for taking my question regarding RER and MAF. I love the show and appreciate your thoughtful answers. I am providing some of the missing data that you and Lucho wondered about…
    Max Hr during test (@vo2) = 178bpm (400watts)
    Vo2 max = 71 (weight is 74kg)
    At MAF (135 bpm) I’m burning 60% fat
    Anaerobic Threshold = 167 (320watts)
    I can put out approx 30 more watts at 145bpm (RER .85) than I can at MAF

    I see good improvement with MAF training (3months in winter and 2 month break during season) but most of my benchmark testing has been using power profiling above MAF (ie threshold tests). But now that I started to use trainerroad a few months ago I am getting great, controlled HR and wattage data for MAF testing.

    Thanks again.

  • Jason says:

    Great podcast. Always love the MAF talk and the correlation between MAF and RQ questions was very interesting. Here are some additional numbers for you. I’m 39 so MAF = 141 and my 50/50 point from my metabolic testing is at 181. I didn’t go to VO2 max but it looks like it would be in the low 60s with a max HR of 197. The results from the test showed that in Zone 3 (153-172) I burned 15.3 cal/min with 11.6 of these calories from fat. This is great for ultras, I just keep my HR < 170 so I need to consume a very small amount of carbs. Usually about 100 cal of UCAN every 1.5 hours with some fruit from aid stations after the 5 hour mark.

    I was in nutritional Ketosis for the testing and typically eat very low carb (<50g/day) with an occasional day of higher carbs (a sweet potato).

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