ATU: Golden Rule of Running, Cadence Work Using a Metronome, Why You Should Rotate Run Shoes, Improve Tempo, Bearded Runners, And More

March 14, 2014
Lucho and Tawnee team up to answer your questions on:
-Beard talk, and Lucho’s beard
-When MAF pace is closing the gap on my tempo pace, how do you push out tempo pace? What % of weekly mileage should be tempo, speed, or hills?
-Back-to-back races: Running 16 miles, then mountain biking 32 miles. How to train now, especially when there’s still snow to deal with.
-Tips for a clicky knee during training
-Once you go Hoka, can you ever go back? And why it’s good to rotate running shoes. Should you rotate out of Hokas regularly (and why) or rotate among Hokas?
-Running with a metronome for cadence work
-Going from 50-milers to 100-milers, and how best to adjust the nutrition and practice it in long runs
-How far can you push myself without fuel or drink on long runs?
-How would Lucho train for a 24 hour race/run, scheduled in July? Aka a 16 week plan?
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