ATU: Heart Rate in Heat, Pb100 Tips, Transitioning to Speedwork, Ideal Tempo Run for Ultras, and More

May 23, 2013

Lucho joins the show to answer your questions on finding a good rhythm and feel for running again after taking time off post-marathon, how to best prepare for Hope Pass and Powerline Climb in Leadville 100, is it possible to do an ultra distance event following a minimalist style training program without getting hurt and/or being reasonably fast, adjust MAF HR for heat or stick the same HR, HR variability in PM workouts, when to ditch MAF and start doing speed,if you don’t use a HRM how to know what training zones feel like (Aerobic/MAF Pace, Tempo, Threshold, VO2 max), converting MAF HR to tempo HR and ideal tempo runs for ultra training, MAF or speed in the last 6wks before a 100-miler, and more.

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