ATU: Injury-Free Tips To Build Ultra Endurance, Maffetone’s ‘Two Week Test,’ Staying Active While Injured, and More

June 7, 2013

How to explain a huge improvement in MAF pace in a short time (and is the drop just due to being fresh), should you scale back run volume if weight has increased to avoid injury, using pole in ultra events, H2PRO electrolyte tablets, Maffetone’s two-week test for clean eating, VO2 max workouts for marathon training, how to stay active and fit when recovering from injury, brand-new running looking to build volume and get faster the safest way, and more.

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  • Ken says:

    NuuN All Day is a vitamin supplement, not an electrolyte supplement.

  • TrailMom says:

    I’ve been eating HFLC for a year — and have run 5 ultras since starting HFLC (55 ultras total) (although not at a 2:20 marathon pace!). Anyway, I’ve never heard of ingesting olive oil during a race — if a 2:20 marathoner was on a HFLC diet, all he would need is maybe a gel or two for the marathon. I just ran a trail 50-miler on less than 500 calories (none were olive oil). :). Enjoyed the podcast, though. And thanks for the recent Maffetone interview – it was great!

    • Lucho says:

      Trailmom- The olive oil comment was tongue in cheek 🙂
      And I’ll disagree with a 2:20 marathoner able to ingest 1-2 gels only while running 5:20 per mile. There are always the one-offs like Khannouchi, but as a whole elites take in far more than 20-40g/CHO in a marathon. And it’s kind of unlikely that an elite could actually train hard enough on a HF/LC diet to reach that level. Very high intense efforts use primarily CHO as fuel. In a 50 mile race the intensity is very moderate not even nearing V02 or even threshold.

  • TrailMom says:

    Thanks for clarifying — I wondered if you were joking — Sorry for over-reacting to that. Very interesting about the elite level…yes, that’s definitely an area I have no experience with! 🙂

  • L3vi says:

    I have been using a mixture of shea butter and coconut oil as sunscreen in the last 10 years.
    Start having tan as soon as possible, and you need less and less sunscreen to use. .

  • Nathan says:

    Tawnee, I’m interested in the webinar you mentioned about CHO vs. high fat diet. Could you post a link?

  • amyruns85 says:

    This is a long over due THANK YOU for your extremely helpful advice for my marathon workouts, Lucho! I just finished putting my plan together to attack Chicago this year. And no worries about the Athlinks stalking…I do it all the time.

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