ATU: Proper Pacing, Setting HR Zones and Fanny Packs

March 23, 2012

Quick announcement: ATU will now be released every other week. Be sure to ask your questions under the designated post on Facebook or we may not see it (usually the post will be up on Mondays). The deadline to ask questions will be Tuesday evening the day before the Wednesday recording. Thanks for continuing to ask such great questions and helping to make the show so fun to do!

On this episode, answers to your questions on using MAF and still training for vertical effectively, race pacing, a hypothetical peak week for Hardrock, dealing with a stiff left shoulder, breaking up longs runs into 1-2 hour chunks,¬†transitioning from base miles to speed work for running, using race data to set LT and HR zones, substituting a long bike for a long run, one really long weekend run or two, using small races for training, and more on Lucho’s fanny pack preferences.

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