ATU: Putting Metabolic Efficiency Results to Use, Ironman and Little Debbie, Executing The MAF Test, Intensity and Volume in Key Weeks Before Ultra, and More

June 20, 2014

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On this edition of “Ask The Ultrarunner,” Lucho and Tawnee talk about their current training, and what they’re doing including Lucho’s MAF pace improvements and Tawnee’s new experiment with minimalist training style.

Plus, real evidence from an everyday runner’s MAF test results over the past 16 months, and how to execute the perfect MAF test (with proper warmup). Here’s the data we discuss (heart rate and average pace):
148 11:48
153 10:04
150 9:36
147 9:41
145 9:09

Then answers to your questions on:
-Our take on IRONMAN’s announcement to partner with Little Debbie for IRONMAN Chattanooga
-Could Lucho run 16% grade for 3km? Aka the Lyrebird Trail at the Thousand Steps in the Dandenong Ranges, Melbourne.
-Help for runners to loosen up tight shoulders? And the underlying cause.
-How to train and prepare for Leadville 100 at altitude (when not living that high), and in the final 10 weeks what should weekly mileage look like?
-Metabolic efficiency results analysis – looking at crossover point compared with MAF, etc
-Before a 100miler is it reasonable to do a block of intensity before returning to more ultra-specific training? Will this help metabolic efficiency?
-Jack Daniel’s training program questions
-Looking over a training plan for a 100k in Sept.
-Cooper tests vs. MAF tests for running
-and more!

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