ATU: Ultrarunners Healthier Than Average Population Says Study, Aid Station Strategies, The Best HR Monitor/GPS Device or Tool for Your Needs, and More

January 24, 2014

Lucho and Tawnee join for Ask the Ultrarunner. On this show we discuss a recent study on ultrarunners, with more information here. The the team answers your questions on:

-Training tips for a 24-hour race in about 6 months, and whether to do run/walk intervals, plus nutrition tips for the distance

-Is a powermeter necessary/encouraged for ultrcycling events, or is it a waste of money

-Training for the Tahoe 200 run

-How to fix pronation, and if you should use barefoot running as a technique to help overcome it or not

-Erratic heart rate readings and trouble keeping HR steady when getting back to running after time off; what’s the reason

-Train for ultra based on time or mileage

-Aid station strategies for ultras

-What watch/HRM/GPS device and/or tool is best for you

-How to achieve popular race bogies such as sub-5 70.3, sub 3 26.2, sub 12 IM, sub 24 100 and the like

-and more!

Click here to download audio.

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