ATU: When Intensity is Appropriate for Ultra Training, Build Strong and Stable Hips, More on Heart Rate Zones, Threshold Talk and More

February 28, 2014

Lucho and Tawnee for Ask the Ultrarunner with answers to your questions on:


-Stick to just MAF for ~28 weeks until a 100-mile Ultra run? Or add intensity/anaerobic work?
-Having trouble keeping HR in MAF/higher near end of long runs (20+ miles) – why?
-Muscular imbalances in hip external rotators highlighted by single-leg squats — how this can hinder performance and how to fix it
-Can’t race for a long time, but still want to train for MTB Ultras: Just stick to MAF or do intensity as well?
-Should you hike at MAF or is it ok to be below?
-Setting zones for someone with a high heart rate – ditch MAF?
-Threshold talk
-And More!


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