Ben Hoffman: The ‘Formula’ for His 2nd Place at Kona, Decision to Race IM Florida Next, Sponsored by Bacon, and More

October 23, 2014

Competitive Image (Paul Phillips)

Ben Hoffman  achieved his perfect race at the Ironman World Championships in Kona this year, earning him second overall and top American going 8:19:23.

Hoffman, who went pro in 2007, is a four-time Ironman champion and has raced Kona five times, moving up the ranks from 56th in ’09, 42nd in ’10, DNF in ’11, 15th last year and finally second this year.

Ben went into the race largely under the radar, and on this show we hear the “secrets” that went into Ben’s awesome day, including how he’s tweaked his diet this year, his training, the mental game/confidence, race day strategies, and much more.

Plus we go inside Ben’s decision to race IM Florida on Nov. 1, just three weeks after Kona.


Competitive Image (Paul Phillips)

Ben’s Ironman results:

Kona- 2nd
IMCdA – 3rd

Kona – 15th
IMCdA – 1st

Kona – Didn’t race
IMMOO – 1st
IMSG – 1st

Kona – DNF
IMLP – 2nd
IMSG – 4th

Kona – 42nd
IMLP – 1st
IMSG – 2nd

Kona – 55th

IMAZ – 6th

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