Ben Rawson, DO: Bone Health and Healing Fractures for Athletes including Common Fractures and Risks, Recovery, the ‘Need’ for Inflammation, and More

May 29, 2014

In light of host Tawnee Prazak’s recent wrist fracture, we’re doing a special series on bone health and fracture healing for athletes, with today’s show featuring Ben Rawson, DO, a Clinical Instructor and Pain/MSK Fellow at University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics who will soon be joining the group CHARM in Austin, TX, which focuses on Regenerative Medicine to treat musculoskeletal conditions. He has training in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation with subspecialty training in Pain and Musculoskeletal Medicine. Prior to this, he was a US Air Force Flight Surgeon. He’s also a triathlete.

On this show we cover:
-Stress fractures and common types in endurance athletes
-Vommon risk for stress fractures as well as acute bone fractures
-How to maintain healthy bones through diet, supplements, the right amount of exercise, etc (and what to avoid)
-Once you’re broken: what is the healing process and timeline for bones, how does it reform, etc.
-Rehab and nutrition for a full, healthy recovery
-The inflammation response to healing, and why we want that and want to avoid certain treatments that can block or prevent the inflammation response
-Can you actually speed recovery of bone fractures or is that a myth?
-Rehab treatments such as physical therapy, prolotherapy, PRP, cryotherapy, basic ROM/mobility work, etc.
-Possible complications in healing process
-Mention of Tawnee’s blog and the treatments and supplements she’s using for healing (read more at – does Ben concur?
-and More!

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