Best of 2014 – Ray Cronise: On Weight Loss, His ‘Metabolic Winter’ Hypothesis, and Solving Obesity

December 29, 2014

Ray Cronise spent 15 years at NASA but after gaining weight his life took a different path when he sought solutions to achieve personal weight loss. His background in science led him to study the human body’s nutritional and caloric energy balance, and how to drive weight loss through basic thermodynamic principles. He now operates a popular blog,

On this “Best of 2014” show from June 24, we learn a bit more about Ray’s background and weight-loss success strategy, then we dive into the latest on nutrition science and caloric energy balance including:

  • Recently published work by Ray, David Sinclair and Andrew Bremer: “The ‘Metabolic Winter’ Hypothesis: A Cause of the Current Epidemics of Obesity and Cardiometabolic Disease” (click for full paper), which presents …”a novel way to view the major food macronutrients and human diet in this era of excessive caloric consumption, along with a novel relationship among calorie scarcity, mild cold stress, and sleep that may explain the increasing prevalence of nutritionally related diseases.”
  • Definition of “metabolic winter”
  • Why proteins, carbohydrates, and fats (macronutrients) are somewhat irrelevant in Ray’s argument
  • Evolution of human’s relationship with food and how it’s changed over time — for the worse
  • Why “eat less, move more” doesn’t matter, and why obesity is about diet (intake) and not exercise (energy expenditure)
  • Fasting, and Ray’s take on going without food
  • The psychology of food and eating

Plus even more:

  • Making science more available to the public, and why and how Ray made it possible to provide Open Access to his latest published review (and the $3,200 price tag)
  • His must-have scientific journals, including New Scientist Magazine and Nature
  • The current state of blogging and who you should and can trust as “experts”
  • Seth Godin
  • Recent Dr. Oz upset on miracle weight loss

…and much more!

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