Best of 2014 with Dr. Phil Maffetone – from the archives!

December 15, 2014
EndurancePlanet-BestOfIn this Best of 2014 episode, we’re joined by Dr. Phil Maffetone for another jam-packed episode in effort to get you fitter and healthier than ever. On this show we discuss:
  • Choosing a clean coffee,
  • Getting in sync with your body for better performance and tools to do so,
  • Mastering the relationship among heart rate/breathing/movement when running (and in sport),
  • How being out of harmony can hinder fitness goals and prevent MAF improvements,
  • Muscle fiber types and their role in fitness, metabolic efficiency, etc,
  • The concepts of being a good fat burner (and Phil’s articles here),
  • Thoughts on athletes who are suffering metabolically as overfat or “skinny fat” – why does this happen, how to change,
  • How you can change your body for better health in just two days,
  • Diet tips for metabolic efficiency.
Answers to your questions on:
  • How to prevent fatigue in the later stages in a race,
  • Coming back from overtraining,
  • … and much more!

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