Chris McDougall and Eric Orton: On Holistic Training, Healthy Feet, Minimalist Shoes and Why We Need To Be Running Faster in Training

January 27, 2023


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On this episode we’re joined by Christopher McDougall and Eric Orton, who just recently released their new book, Born To Run 2. Chris is a runner and author including the original born to run book, and Eric, who is a longtime coach of Eric Orton Running Academy.

Grab your copy of Born To Run 2 here.

Together they have teamed up to create Born To Run 2, a wonderfully informative and entertaining holistic guide to your running or endurance endeavors with similar to concepts often discussed on this podcast. Everything from nutrition considerations, exercises and drills to improve your running form, minimalist shoes and the barefoot approach, training plans, compelling stories, and much more.

In this episode we’re going to dive deeper into components presented in the book by Chris and Eric including:

  • Footwear, bare feet and the minimalist shoe debate
  • A friendly discussion: on minimalist vs. “mainstream” shoes. If going minimalist is so much better for us and as quoted in the book, “study after study has shown that running shoes did nothing to prevent injuries or improve running performance,” then how come shoes like the Nike vapor fly and alpha fly fare so well for runners and their performance?
  • Injury prevention starting with back-to-basic type drills
  • Wearing different kinds of shoes from minimalist to more cushiony
  • The Altra story… and shoutouts to Xero, etc.
  • Run-specific and healthy-feet drills to incorporate, including the concept of “Foot Core”
  • The “five minute fix” – what is it, why do it
  • Why you probably need to be running fast more often (and how this complements MAF training)
  • Using music as a specific tool, specifically songs that are at 90 bpm to help with run cadence
  • And also when to use music, when not to, and some personal philosophies tied in with this
  • Chris’ go-to warmup before runs
  • Running in winter condition as a “minimalist runner” with Eric’s experience living in Jackson Hole, Wy.
  • What is the one-mile test and why you need to try it out.
  • Stories of Chris’ running journey and working with Eric as his coach.
  • And much more!



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  • Julian Abel says:

    Such a great episode.

    One major bone to pick though. How could they not recommend the live version of Jolene by The White Stripes. This is a major omission.

    Best wishes Julian

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