Boston Strong: Dr. Freddie So Reports In From Boston Marathon Finish After His 10th Consecutive Run

April 22, 2014

On Monday, April 21, 2014 the hearts of runners and endurance athletes worldwide were with Boston. It was a momentous day in which the running community and folks of Boston took back the Boston Marathon, one year after the tragic bombings.


On this special episode, host Tawnee Prazak has an exclusive chat with marathoner Dr. Freddie So from his Boston hotel overlooking the finish, just a couple hours after he crossed the finish in his 10th consecutive Boston Marathon. It was in that 10th attempt where Freddie finally achieved his goal of breaking 3 hour in the marathon. We’ll hear all about how Freddie was finally able to go sub-3, as well as much more insider commentary on what it was like to be in Boston for the marathon this year after last year. In fact, we spoke with Freddie one year ago on the show during which he took us through his experience on that tragic day.


For Freddie’s blog and race reports, click here.

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