Brad Kearns: From Fasting to Fueling The Morning (And Why We Recommend For Athletes), Peluva for ‘Natural Movement’ Lifestyle and More

December 1, 2023


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Brad Kearns of the B.Rad podcast is back on Endurance Planet for an unforgettable show!

Peluva Shoes – Unique Minimalist Footwear

  • Tawnee and Brad catch up on the new minimalaist/barefoot footwear brand, Peluva, which was founded by friend and colleauge Mark Sisson.
  • We share how Peluva is unique compared to other minimalist/barefoot shoe brands.
  • Biomechanics of running, footwear and why minimalist shoes do us a lot of good.
  • How to incorporate minimalist footwear beyond running, as some athletes may not do optimally with minimalist footwear in all of their running and athletic endeavors but you can still get the benefits of it elsewhere and we share how!

Fasting, Fueling, And Changing Our Minds and Approach

  • Tawnee and Brad also talk about openness to changing one’s mind to best meet nutritional needs, specifically, as it pertains to diet and fueling practices.
  • Brad was once a proponent of fasting particularly in the morning (skipping breakfast) but now at 58 years young he’s shifted his routine and makes it a priority to fuel his body first thing.
  • It’s still and always about prioritizing nutrient-dense whole foods–and it’s not just steak and eggs, this includes honey, fruit, dairy, etc.
  • How this has only helped his fitness goals and stress balance, and has not hurt him nor his metabolic health/body comp now many months into it.
  • We both agree that fasting may be good for some folks depending on your season of life and metabolic/health needs, but for very active, high energy-burning athletes and individuals you may want to think twice about skipping meals and opt for that meal instead.
  • Tawnee elaborates further on the topic and explain when and why she quit fasting or low carb/keto breakfasts and how eating well and avoiding within-day deficits has helped her globally in all the things,.
  • Why this is particularly important for female athletes who may be experiencing or recovering from RED-S or any hormonal and energy imbalance health issue.


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