Brian Mackenzie & Phil White: When Wearables Go Too Far, How To Unplug and Get Back In Tune With Yourself

December 13, 2017


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On this show we’re joined by coach and human potential specialist Brian Mackenzie and Emmy-nominated writer Phil White, who are both co-authors of the book Unplugged, which teaches athletes to think more critically about technology use and the tools to upgrade your fitness, performance and consciousness.

  • Intros
  • Brian was the Crossfit Endurance guy for a long time – how has that training method evolved and has Brian shifted away from the Crossfit mentality?
  • Phil’s background and how he got into this project.
  • Just how much is the wearable industry blowing up? (The stats on our phone addiction are quite scary.)
  • Unplugged addresses the notion that wearables and data tracking can go too far this day in age. 
  • We have to be careful of relying too much on tech at the cost of listening to our bodies.
  • We can literally fall into an addiction with our wearables, and add stress or go through withdrawals when we’re without them.
  • How wearables can contribute to anxiety (e.g. “Oh no I’m not going to get perfect sleep tonight!”)
  • Brian’s thoughts on basic heart rate monitors for helping one’s fitness progression.
  • The important role of breathing in this equation of fitness.
  • How nasal breathing may keep you in a better aerobic zone than relying on a HR monitor.
  • Tips and routine to de-stress and activate parasympathetic after workouts that don’t involve wearables.
  • What are good gadgets to have, what are the ones to ditch?
  • Issues with data inaccuracy.
  • Study that found some wrist HRMs aren’t as accurate.
  • The best way to utilize wearables: Use it to learn then ditch it.  (i.e. Technology as a cue, then leave it).
  • Rather than using GPS nonstop, rely on your own directional instincts, which is shown to improve the hippocampus in our brain.
  • Thoughts on biohacking as it relates to wearables.
  • And more!

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