Brie Wieselman: Foundations of Functional Medicine and Applications To Reach Optimization

November 16, 2016


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Brie Wieselman is a functional health practitioner in Santa Cruz, Calif., who specializes in reprograming hormones, fixing digestion, improving detoxification systems and female wellness. Her philosophy is that our physical health creates the bandwidth for our emotional, spiritual, and professional growth and success.

Download Brie’s free handout titled “The Foundation of Health” here.

On this show:

  • Brie’s background and health journey that led her to practicing functional medicine
  • What is functional medicine and how is it different?
  • Using the functional model to assess health, healing and achieving optimal wellness and performance
  • You don’t have to be sick! It’s great to further increase health toward optimization
  • Tackling root causes and the key areas of focus….
  • Liver & Detox
    • What detox isn’t (i.e. juice cleanses)
    • What detox IS and what it can achieve
    • Liver detox is the key to rebalancing hormones for males and females
    • Estrogen dominance
    • Alcohol’s role
      • Beer drinkers and brewers beware: hops are estrogenic and can contribute to estrogen dominance
    • Athletes sweat – is that enough for a detox?
    • Gut dysbiosis clogs up the liver and is a huge toxic burden
    • Candid produces ethanol (alcohol)
    • Phases of detoxification
    • What’s necessary for a good detox: amino acids/protein, and nutrients such as Vitamins A, B(s), C and antioxidants
    • How long does detoxing take?
    • What’s the deal with athletes who have HIGH liver enzymes (but not big drinkers)?
      • Muscle/tissue breakdown, overtraining, high sugar consumption (especially fructose), and genetics
    • Liver enzymes AST and ALT
  • Adrenals
    • Cortisol patterns – too high, too low, what does it mean?!
    • HPA axis – the system by which our brain interprets the situation and does the best for us
      • Dysfunction is a problem with the “software” not “hardware”
    • Is adrenal fatigue a myth, or is there a better way to describe it?
    • Relationship between adrenals and diet
    • Keeping blood sugar under control is key
    • Stages of “adrenal fatigue”
      • One – cortisol sort of high
      • Two – Cortisol increases; wired but tired
      • Three – Cortisol tanks, DHEA tanks (fatigue, difficulty healing, etc)
      • BUT it does not always present in this exact manner!
    • Free cortisol
    • Tie in with training/racing and fueling
    • Testing: DUTCH
  • Gut Healing
    • Basics on tackling sever issues like Chron’s, IBS, Ulcerative Colitis and SIBO
    • Assess lactoferrin and calprotectin
    • IBS associated with anxiety and serotonin issues
    • If cortisol is too high or low this can contribute to leaky gut
    • A good “intro” test? GI MAP!

One Comment

  • tinavecchio says:

    This podcast has helped me so much. I just wanted to share my experience as a distance runner has definitely been difficult the more I train. The harder I push, the higher the risk of injury and the more important is rest. I was starting to discover that the rest that I was getting was not ideal. I was restless and in pain often in the night where I couldn't sleep, and for a while I thought I just needed to suck it up.

    Luckily a friend of mine told me that I might need a new bed. I had never thought of that since I am so used to the pain that comes from endurance sports, but she was absolutely right. I ended up getting a Bear mattress after stumbling on this article and over the next few weeks, really felt a difference in my training and quality of life. Just goes to show that we are really complex organisms.

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