Brock Armstrong: How Athletes Can Manage Anxiety for Better Health and Performance, Plus His Exclusive Account of Surviving Life-Threatening Heart Failure

March 3, 2014

Brock Armstrong is the popular co-host of the Ben Greenfield Fitness podcast, an endurance sports coach at Skywalker Fitness, and avid endurance athlete. For the first time ever he opens up on a podcast about his past, telling his story of experiencing an illness that led to multiple heart failures and near-death experiences, which ultimately transformed his life and led him to his current career and lifestyle in sport.

Brock is also an expert on general anxiety disorder and anxiety issues that endurance athletes face, and in the second half of the show we discuss strategies for athletes to overcome sport-and race-related anxiety, let go of fears and get the most out of their training and racing, including discussion of real-life issues that cause anxiety in triathlon and much more.

Specific topics:

35:00 start talk on anxiety; what is general anxiety disorder and how common among athletes, etc

42:00 we apply cognitive therapy to a real-life triathlon/racing scenario to help YOU be a mental rockstar in your future races!

47:00 we talk about how to manage fear about personal performance in a race.

53:00 managing your head/worries DURING a race.

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