Brock Armstrong: Testing Today’s Top Biohacks – What Are They, The Science, Potential Benefits, and Are They Worthwhile?

February 21, 2018


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Our friend Brock Armstrong is back on Endurance Planet (and also back doing EP’s audio editing) and he shares the experiences he’s had using some of the most sophisticated, advanced biohacks in existence. He runs through a handful of machines, supplements and more to tell us what they are, how they work, his experience, the science and his n=1 conclusions on their effectiveness. At the end, he gives us his biggest takeaways on utilizing biohacks vs. good old fashioned exercise and diet.

Brock is a busy guy these days: he is the host of the Get Fit Podcast and Workplace Hero Podcast, launching the Weightless Project, coaching athletes and much more.

The biohacks discussed on this episode with references mentioned in the show:

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