Carrie Cheadle: Mental Skills Training with Tips on Maximizing Race Performance, Better Life Balance, Daily Habits for Success and More

May 22, 2014
A sports psychology special with mental skills training coach Carrie Cheadle, who specializes in working with endurance athletes and is the author of the recently published a book, On Top of Your Game: Mental Skills to Maximize Your Athletic Performance. On this show she joins us to dive into topics to help improve your training, race performance and overall life including info on:

-how much performance is mental vs. physical
-the psychological component of suffering – and how Carrie’s coaches athlete to suffer better in competition.
-performance anxiety and how to handle pressure,
-how to relax nerves before a big event “how to do that”
-being in the zone and getting in state of flow – how to get there, how to know if you’ve been there
-achieving better life balance (what to do when you feeling guilty about training and taking time away from family/friends)
-Carrie’s top tips of things that you can do daily to be a better person and athlete
-gratitude and how that plays a role….
-and more!

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