Chris Kelly: The Truth on Resistant Starches, Why FODMAPs Got A Bad Rep (But Are Needed!), and Building a Healthy Gut

March 27, 2015

chris kellyIf FODMAPs (broccoli, etc) give you gas and bloating and you’ve been eating raw starches to get in your resistant starch (RS), then you won’t want to miss this episode….

These days you hear a lot on Resistant Starches (RS) being a good of prebiotics for better health, while FODMAPS are potentially “bad” for causing bloating and gas. But as more research and science emerges, the truth on RS and FODMAPs is coming out. Chris Kelly of Nourish Balance Thrive is here to set the record straight on both categories with news that may shock you and change how you view these foods and your own health state.

On this show learn:

  • Why FODMAPs aren’t to blame and how they actually can highlight a deeper problem in your gut. Why have they received a bad rep, are they really at fault for causing gas an bloating? Why we need and want FODMAPS.
  • Resistant starches (RS): What are they? What so the do? Why are most “popular” raw resistant starches actually a bad idea to consume (i.e. ditch the potato starch!)? What RS do we really need/want?
  • How your current gut health ties in with FODMAPS and RS.
  • Do you have bad gas? It may be time to improve gut health…
  • The process of fixing your gut and achieving better health on the inside!
  • How does RS fit in with a low-carb or keto diet?
  • Why gut-healing supplements are like a raft that’s used to cross a river — you don’t need them forever!
  • How this all ties in to sport and the ability to achieve better performance starting with your health as well as what you eat. (Including Chris’ own journey to good health for better performance as a pro MTBer).
  • More on Nourish Balance Thrive’s services.

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