Chris Kelly: Trending Health Issues in Endurance Athletes, With Preventive Strategies and Solutions

January 27, 2016

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On this show:

These days a lot of endurance athletes are taking charge of their health by getting testing done through online-based companies that make this process easier and more effective than ever. As such we are able to go deeper and learn more about the common potential “problems” that male and female endurance athletes face. Enter Chris Kelly of Nourish Balance Thrive. As the founder of NBT, Chris is on to talk about trending health issues he sees in endurance athletes after analyzing thousands of tests.

We also catch up with Chris’ athletic accomplishments in mountain biking and cyclocross as a keto-based athlete, with Tawnee asking “hard” questions on carbs, performance, fueling and more.

Common health issues in endurance males:

  • Slightly hypothyroid
  • Iron overloaded (how to offest this)
  • Folate and B12 deficient
  • …with symptoms, why this happens and solutions

Common health issues in endurance women:

  • Slightly hypothyroid
  • Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)
  • Testosterone dominant
  • …with symptoms, why this happens and solutions

Also discussed:

  • Hypothyroid: what leads to these issues in addition to poor diet habits
  • Best new test you can get: The DUTCH hormone test
  • Using Tawnee’s health tests (blood, hormones) as an example
  • Fertility awareness and the female cycle
  • Tracking basal body temperature (BBT) and using Kindara
  • The fabulous Grace Lui
  • Vitamin D – a big problem still?
  • Low ferritin and anemia in female athletes and vegetarian/vegan athletes
  • Exos’ AM/PM Multivitamin with the kind of folate you want!!!
  • From our friends at Inside Tracker: Cortisol and testosterone are often elevated/depressed, as is the T:C ratio (an indicator of catabolic or anabolic state), especially in males. Usually related to heavy training, lack of sleep, not enough emphasis on recovery, or all.

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