Countdown to Kona: Carrie Cheadle on Nailing the Mental Game at a Championship Race (Tips for Before and During Your Big Day)

September 24, 2014

On Top of Your Game book coverCountdown to Kona continues! We’re joined with mental skills coach and author Carrie Cheadle to talk about how to prepare for a championship event such as Kona — because as we all know a championship race is no ordinary event. Find out how to have the best mindset and approach to your Big Dance well before the race, during the final week, and while you’re actually executing race day. We even cover tips to handle Kona-specific conditions!

For more help from Carrie, check out her book On Top of Your Game: Mental Skills to Maximize Your Athletic Performance , and follow her on Twitter at @feedtheathlete.

Topics in this show include:

How to better trust yourself
-trust your training
-sticking to a plan
-having a coach

Panic training
-What is it?
-Why do people do it?
-How to avoid it?

Carrie’s “Pre-performance plan” concept
-Laying low before the big day, but still enjoying the experience

Dealing with family and friends
-Traveling with family and loved ones, and their involvement in your big day
-How to politely handle family so you get what you need
-Asking for support; asking for peace & quiet; asking for respect
-How a schedule makes all the difference

Setting race goals on the world’s stage
-Process-oriented goals
-Outcome-oriented goals
-What is best for you
-What type of athlete does well with outcome-oriented goals?

Expectations in a championship race
-deeper competition
-expecting more from yourself

Stop “time-traveling”
-How to stay in the moment
-Past = anger and regret
-Future = anxiety and fear

How to suffer and enduring your race
-Meeting your needs
-Pushing yourself as hard as you can go
-Quieting the brain
-Kona specific tips

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