Countdown to Kona with Craig ‘Crowie’ Alexander: His Decision to Race The Ironman World Championships Again, Inside His Training and Racing Strategy, and Much More

October 2, 2014

Craig-Alexander-wins-Ironman-Melbourne-DSC05677How could we have a true Countdown to Kona without talking to the King of Kona, Craig “Crowie” Alexander? Tawnee talks to Crowie about his decision to return to Kona (after winning IM Melbourne), how important his family support is, how his age plays a factor, his training and race strategy, and more…

  • Training in Boulder,
  • The effect of sport and racing on children,
  • Coaching Paul Matthews,
  • How age has changed him and his approach – racing less, taking more time off and improving his nutrition,
  • How having Andy Potts back at Kona will effect the swim,
  • “You’ve gotta come off the bike with some juice in the tank”,
  • Working with Apolo Ohno,
  • The next chapter in Crowie’s life,

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