Da Poke Shack: Get the ‘Scoop’ on Kona’s Top Eatery for Triathletes and The Entire US

October 7, 2014

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IMG_7589Every year we make our way over to one restaurant in particular — Da Poke Shack — and not just once but multiple times during Ironman week. We’re not alone, as thousands of triathletes, locals and tourists flock to this joint for the freshest, best-quality wild fish and side dishes in town. In fact, on any given day you’ll see top pros including Crowie, Rachel Joyce and many more eating here prior to and after the race.

Da Poke Shack team keeps the place casual and not widely advertised, but don’t let that fool you: This year, Da Poke Shack was rated #1 of the top 100 restaurants to visit in the US by Yelp.

In this show you’ll find out the story on how Da Poke Shack came to be, some secrets on what goes in to the perfect poke, and why everyone is raving about this place and coming back for more!





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