Dave Asprey: Can You ‘Bulletproof’ Endurance Training? Plus: ‘Hacking’ Your Diet Beyond Low-Carb

October 17, 2016

Recently we attended the Bulletproof Conference in Pasadena, Calif., to learn about the latest and greatest in biohacking, self-quantification and self-enhancement. (Tawnee will be sharing some of the top things she learned over at lifepostcollective.com.) Our friend and frequent podcast guest Dr. Tamsin Lewis was in attendance, and together with Tawnee they had the chance to sit down for a quick interview with Dave Asprey.

Click here for the full video recording of this interview.

On this show:

  • Tamsin addresses specific medical questions and hormone-specific topics with Dave including testosterone and Dave’s journey dealing with low testosterone and supplementation.
  • We tie in the endurance sport component to see what Dave said on how endurance athletes can mitigate the negative effects of chronic training and stress.
  • Hormonal health for non-competing athletes and endurance athletes who are competing under regulations. Many suffer from hormonal imbalances, and Dave gives his personal opinions, insights and recommendations.
  • Female specific: healing from amenorrhea and related hormonal issues.
  • On diet and low-carb: How to hack your diet for the benefits of low-carb without being low carb.

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