Dave Jewell: Official Running Shoe Count at the 2014 Ironman World Championships with New Trends, Old Favorites, Rankings, and More

November 1, 2014

We are joined by Dave “The Shoe Guy” Jewell for an insightful conversation on the running shoe count at the Ironman World Championships this year, including an overall look at the state of running shoes with trends and more.

Follow Dave on twitter: @superdavejewell and his blog at: endorphinfanatics.blogspot.com.

The official Kona Shoe Count was published in LAVA Magazine, which you can see here (or scroll down for a copy of the results).

In addition to the rankings of running shoes worn, on this show we discuss:

  • Why certain shoes are popular
  • Kona being a global race and how this impacts running shoes present
  • New trends in running shoes: what type of shoe are the athletes loving right now?
  • What brand had a bigger presence at Kona than ever before
  • Changes from past years at kona – what’s different? whats the same?
  • The smaller shoe companies (“other”) and their presence
  • How ad campaigns translate to actual sales and shoe use in kona
  • The type of runner and shoe worn
  • Other observations (objective/subjective data based on numbers, etc)


Official shoe count results by the numbers:

Asics 17.7%

Saucony 14.5%

Newton 10.7%

Brooks 10.3%

Adidas 6.9%

Hoka 6.0%

Mizuno 5.9%

Zoot 5.9%

Nike 5.0%

On 4.6%

New Balance 3.7%

Other 2.4%

K-Swiss 2.3%

Pearl Izumi 1.7%

Skechers 1.7%

Others: Puma was the largest brand in other with 10 runners.

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