Dave Jewell: Running Shoes 101 – Your Guide to Picking the Right Pair(s), Injury Prevention, Drills, Max Mileage, and More

April 24, 2014

Dave Jewell, one of the running shoe industry’s top leading experts and longtime endurance athlete, joins to give a complete guide to running shoes and using shoes to stay injury free and thrive. Dave got his start in the running shoe world in 1989 when Paul Huddle asked Dave, “Do you want to sell shoes?” The rest is history as they say. Today Dave is the director of footwear marketing for Zoot Sports. On this show he joins us to address all the major common running shoe questions, so we can put you in your best pairs. Included topics:

-How to pick the right running shoe for you (what to look for, what to avoid)
-Using running shoes to stay injury free
-How many pairs of running shoes should you have and rotate through regularly
-Running shoe industry trends including: Minimalist vs. maximalist trends
-When to get rid of shoes? Is there a “magic” mileage number after which we should discard a pair of shoes, or does show lifespan depend on runner
-Observations from Dave during run leg of triathlon events (including Oceanside 70.3)
-Most popular shoes
-Training for longevity in running

-Running drills that Dave uses to stay injury free and healthy

-Dave’s best tips from years of experience

-and so much more!


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