Dr. Dawn McCrory: Why We Need Fascial Fitness, Less Running and More Movement for Endurance Sport Success, Plus Bonus Q&A

January 11, 2015

DrDawnDr. Dawn McCrory is an LA-based physical therapist who owns and runs Kinesis, and a triathlete (training for IM Boulder). In addition to being a PT, Dawn is also an expert in the fields of movement dysfunctions, fascial fitness, neurokinetic therapy, and helping endurance athletes… If you aren’t sure what fascial fitness is or nerukinetic therapy — or why you want it — then keep listening because they are keys to up’ing your game in sport and life. Also check out the Kinesis Living blog at kinesisliving.wordpress.com

On this show you will learn how to move better and be injury free with the following:

  • Why neurokinetic therapy might be your new best friend, taking Dawn’s personal story of success with it into account
  • What is fascial fitness and why you want it
  • How injuries can leave a lasting effect even after the pain is gone
  • Developing compensations and their harm to our performance and efficiency
  • Why you should get a functional assessment before you train and race
  • How to personally self assess your movement, mobility, and stability
  • Daily movement corrections we can all incorporate during driving, standing in line, etc
  • Squat mechanic basics
  • Why Dawn says to never run back to back days (thus no more than 3x a week)
  • How to balance out your endurance training schedule with more supplemental exercises
  • MYTH: less running means you give up fitness/performance potential
  • What Dawn’s Ironman training schedule looks like, and what strength training exercises she does at least 2x a week
  • Listener Q& A
  • And more!

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