Dr. Phil Maffetone 25: Steps To Naturally Overcome Seasonal Allergies, Social Distancing From Sugar, and More

May 22, 2020


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We are back with Dr. Phil Maffetone to discuss some of his new published articles and help you get to the bottom of your seasonal allergies.

Topics discussed:

  • Phil Maffetone and Paul Laursen: Maximum Aerobic Function: Clinical Relevance, Physiological Underpinnings, and Practical Application
  • Phil Maffetone and Paul Laursen: The Perfect Storm: Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic Meets Overfat Pandemic
    • The coronavirus is found in a higher prevalence in people who are overfat or have downstream chronic diseases and inflammation that overfat causes.
    • Tale of two pandemics
  • Phil Maffetone: SPECIAL REPORT: COVID Recovery
    • Now is not the time for politics, but for public health.
    • We, as individuals, can create change.
  • Seasonal allergies:
    • If you have seasonal allergies, it means your health is impaired on some level. Because of that impairment, you’re not going to burn as much fat at the higher heart rate you wish you could maintain in training; therefore, you have to train at a lower heart rate to maintain a higher level of fat burning.
    • The 180 Formula
    • If you get more than two colds, infections, or bouts of flu per year, that is too many.
  • Steps to improve your gut health:
    • Get rid of junk food and sugar.
    • If you still have problems after removing junk food and sugar, you may have to eliminate certain foods.
    • If you’re still having issues, you may want to take a test (e.g., stool test).
    • If you’re still having issues, you may need to see a Gastroenterologist.
    • It will take time to heal your gut.
    • Supplements; keep it simple!
  • MAF training and gut health

One Comment

  • Fanatic94 says:


    I was sorry that Dr. Maffetone did not respond to Tawney's question at the top of the episode about why some articles are open access and others are not. I wanted to answer it, if I may. The bottom line is the business model of the publication.

    In this case, the authors submitted their paper to an open access journal (https://www.frontiersin.org/about/open-access). That means all the content published within is open access. The "Frontiers" publications use the "author-pay model." That means in this case, "authors, institutions or funders" provided the US$ 2,950 fee (https://www.frontiersin.org/about/publishing-fees).

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