Dr. Phil Maffetone 5: A Guide to Strength Training For Endurance Athletes, The Role of Fatigue/Stress, Avoiding DOMS, ‘Slow Weights’ Concept, Correcting Imbalances and Much More

November 5, 2013

On this special episode of Endurance Planet, we’re joined by Dr. Phil Maffetone for a full show dedicated to strength training for endurance athletes. We discuss strength training concepts for triathletes/endurance athletes and hear Dr. Phil’s approach and philosophies. Specifically we cover:

-what is strength?

-weaknesses and strength deficits in triathletes, and how to find out if you are weak

-the role of fatigue and hormones with strength training, and avoiding associated problems

-Phil’s thoughts on DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)

-Phil’s concepts of Paleo-style strength training, as well as “slow weights

-when to strength train/timing, how much weight you should lift (and why), how many reps and sets, bodyweight vs. weights

-specific exercise recommendations and the concept of specificity

-addressing muscular imbalances

-strength training to prevent/fix injury

-is yoga strength training

-circuit training and the role of heart rate in strength training

And, of course, much more along the way. What you hear from Phil may surprise you and even change the way you do your strength training!


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  • Robin says:

    I am always excited to listed to Dr Phil, he gives such good common sence advice that brings me back down to reality after listening or reading about all the weird and wonderful training ideas in magazines or other podcasts.

    Thanks for these podcasts I love them.

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