Dr. Phil Maffetone 20: Acid Reflux in Ironman, Going Out ‘Too Hard’ In Races, Getting Away from HR Monitors, and More!

December 1, 2016


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On this episode with Dr. Phil Maffetone:

  • Acid reflux in ironman (but never before that!) – possible causes and ideas for solutions.
  • On stomach acid.
  • The problem with antacids.
  • Trouble-shooting Ironman nutrition issues despite being incredibly fat-adapted and healthy.
  • Pre-race breakfast thoughts and keeping it simple!
  • Considering fewer calories before a big race to put less stress on the gut.
  • If you inhibit fat burning in a race by going out hard in a bike race (because that’s just how they are), can you still burn fat for fuel at all?
  • Why in some races going out hard is imperative, but in other races be more mindful of pacing.
  • What’s Dr. Phil’s own exercise routine? Does he use a HRM?
  • Advice for an athlete with Wolff-Parkinsons-White (WPW) syndrome who wants to do MAF but HR will randomly spike very high literally uncontrollably.

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