Dr. Phil Maffetone & Dr. Tracy Hoeg: Should We Be Guiding Athletes Based On Current Scientific Knowledge?

April 20, 2015
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On this show:

The Clinician vs. The Scientist!

Dr. Phil Maffetone and Dr. Tracy Hoeg debate whether recommendations can be given to athletes and coaches based on current scientific knowledge. Tracy will defend the scientist’s POV to some degree, while Maffetone will take the clinician’s POV. We discuss metrics like VO2max, lactate threshold, HR zones, and others that are often used from a science-based training approach.

We also hear Tracy’s story; she is a medical doctor, PhD, scientist, an accomplished ultra runner who recently switched to MAF training… oh ya, and a loving mother and wife. She’s one of the lucky runners who responded incredible fast to MAF training and she’s been documenting her journey on her blog at http://www.mylittlephysiology.com/blog.


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  • Iggi says:

    Loved this episode. So much great info. We need these questions and answers. Is Tracy offering coaching services? Would love her to be my coach!

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