Dr. Phil Maffetone 12: Healthy Aging and MAF Training for Masters Athletes

September 16, 2015

On this show, Dr. Phil Maffetone joins to discuss healthy aging and training for older athletes the MAF way!

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Who is Hans Selye?

-Taking charge of our own health & being proactive

Healthy Aging Tips

-Find out more in Phil’s latest book, The Endurance Handbook.

-Seven factors for healthy aging; pg. 244.

-Five similarities among centenarians & discussing how to adopt these things into your life (from a love for life to having courage)

-Slow the aging process; pg. 234 (factors: body fat, avoid eating bad carbs, strength train, adequate protein, hormonal balance)

-Posture and gait as signs of good healthy aging; grow younger via posture.

-Bent Spine Syndrome (BSS). Chemical disorders, chronic inflammation, muscle imbalances. Low T, low thyroid function, low D. Psychological state. Even affects ANS!

-How it’s ALL related.

Aerobic/MAF training for masters athletes

-The problem using the 180 Formula with those in the age range of 50-60+. These athletes have a very low MAF HR of 120-130, or lower, and for the experienced athlete this sometimes works out ok but often it’s just painfully slow.

-Besides being on medication or not, how do you know if someone is healthy?

-Maffetone’s approach to determine one’s unique MAF heart rate the “involved” way and not just using the 180 Formula.

-High HR exceptions for those age 50-65+? When does he recommend, if ever, increasing the MAF HR for them? Is it only if they meet the condition (d) of the 180 Formula which states, “If you have been training for more than two years without any of the problems listed above, and have made progress in competition without injury, add 5.”

-Is low HR a penalty or is “the only real penalty is not being healthy?”

-How much recovery/days off a week?

-More tips on types of exercise for good health.

Comments (3)

  • Lewis Van Atta says:

    Honestly, I was disappointed by this podcast. Being age 55, I was looking forward to some information and guidelines for applying MAF to someone like myself. When Tawnee asked the question it seemed that Phil never did answer it…he just hand-waved his way around it.

    • Tawnee_Prazak says:

      Hi Lewis,

      What else would you like to hear? Send us your question(s)!!! We are happy to go into more detail on a future show.

      Thanks for listening and your support of the show!


  • Adolfo Neto says:

    Hi Tawnee,

    I am a big fan of your show.
    I own a Facebook group called (Maffetone Brasil https://www.facebook.com/groups/maffetonebrasil/) for people in Brazil who want to know more about the Maffetone method and I usually post your links.

    Those exercises have some quite intense parts, but these parts are short and not enough for elevating your heart rate. Should I keep to 180-age?

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